Jubilee artist meeting 9 November 2020

Present: Justin, Julie, Eleni, Ronny, Vincent, Jeanne, Katleen , Jesse

Agenda: -Caveat intern Jeanne Gilbert (I'll send a sketch proposal based on my talk with her) Katya Ev *VG Bovenlokaal ('translocal') -VG Culturele Activiteitenpremie (covid funding, I'll send a summary & plan so you can propose activities) -Proposal Julie for modifications statutes & huishoudelijk reglement/code -EK Casting Call -VH summer school Laeso -VM JUM -JB project update -Board -1% / budget 2021 /Overviews IN/OUT 2015-17; 2018-20 Varia -SOS Relief fund SOTA -workshop UAntwerpen/academie Ychaï Lonny Proximus Artist Meetings


-Intern Jeanne Gilbert (I'll send a sketch proposal based on my talk with her) KASK is closed, in-between transitory phase. Heard about Caveat before. Interested in organisation, 'instituting', produsing, ephemeral communities/piracy.
Discussed as possible tasks/subprojects: On the basis of personal research on the Caveat website, propose a couple of texts to expand connections with other website articles for; On the basis of personal research on the OSP Ecotone website, propose a couple of texts to make a FR-EN translation; Help producing events & subprojects; Propose relevant connections with personal research/projects/network; *... Timing: administratively, maximum 34 days. Jeanne: Flexible, cooperation could extend beyond the boundaries of the internship. Perhaps 2 days a week. Could start this week. "Bovenlokaal" dossier DL is this Sunday. Is Dutch, but concept note is in English. Would be great to have remarks & feedback ASAP. -> Julie sends.

-Katya Ev

- Julie + Jesse + Katya working on contract for performance (part of artists book). presentation has been postponed. will be published and designed by Mer (?) and HISK. Katya is interested in the rights to the publication. She's afraid that the book will not be distributed. The budget is really low. 2500 per artist. A5 is a strange format for a contract. she's thinking of publishing it separately and on her own terms.

Ronny - it would be better to look for a proper way that does the project justice.
    - perhaps in the bovenlokaal context? there are many small scale opportunities for support.

    jesse - can a prototype be shown instead? - Danielle from HISK already committed to buying a book and enacting the performance. But the performance will be difficult to show at the final show because of lack of space.
  • show = someone at a reception desk. if you agree to do nothing, the contract is signed at another desk. There is a waiting room, and a place with chairs where the actual performance happens.
  • also a post-experience space. The enactor pays these people.

better to show a prototype of the publication and a model of the experience area if it's not possible to present it properly.

VG Bovenlokale Projecten

Opportunity to apply for a second chapter of Caveat.

what is meant by bovenlokaal? - not local and not ALL Flanders - something in between.

focus on property relations in the visual arts scene. artists - institutions - caveat tools: co-writing & mapping to create connections between trajectories AND with the thematics of property. - how to contractualise the relationship between the hosts and the artists

needs to be framed in this bovenlokaal context.

DEADLINE : Sunday ! Ronny time to put things in numbers? Jesse time to read and co-write?

inter-city network (because partners are in different Vlaamse steden - antwerpen gent oostende brugge - is this enough or should it be more focussed on a province? The money comes from the provinces.

  • it might be a ruse to limit the scope of the subsidy. they haven't got a definition themselves - the definition is being developed through the projects themselves as it's a relatively new subsidy. Jubilee is often actually operating internationally already.

Julie: phases: 1 Exploratory (readings, lectures) 2 Hosting relationship (artist-institution: each with subquestions) 3 Workshops based on the subquestions 4 Dialogue with other sectors through the mapping & website Assemblies between each of the phases.

would it be understandable without concrete examples? - this would be the first research-based application.

Eleni: what kind of projects have been supported in the past? Performing arts & music organisations on distribution and very specific ways of working in communities.

Consultant mentioned that Brussels biotope & existing knowledge could be good basis to connect to other cities, types of organisations & practices.

the artistic project is not the caveat project. it's the research on top of this. Funding is then also kept separate (more-or-less as there are overlaps).

Bruges Triennale: discussed interest in developing a long term vision beyond their three-year cycle.

Vincent: If 'research' is appreciated... Let's not distinguish clearly between methodology (bringing artists & institutions & Caveat together) and thematics (property) -> What do we want to export, what's so important to share with others? Ronny: Needs to be a new project.

it needs to be written to be understandable by people who don't know "our" jargon. This is also why it's useful for Jeanne to read and respond to this.

Application consists of a questionnaire with limited space for answering (4000, 2000, 1000 characters).

*VG EVENT FUNDING -VG Culturele Activiteitenpremie *

Activities up to 20.000€ /organization 2 to 4000 ?

R&K can retroactively apply for one event. - but as there's no contract and it was done for free it might not be possible.

in theory it's open for non-belgians, Jubilee would be the employer / organiser. anyone can propose anything... minimum 2 people per day. Letter of SOTA = a critique of this program NACE codes needed september-> may 2021 only through e-ID (via people from the board, Sari or Boris )

ONLY presentation costs (no production costs, screening fee ) online activities OK ONLY for artists or Culural workers

10 programs ? -> 2000 € /each workshops ? invite young artists ? 3 involved through caveat caveat reading rooms ? contract (only if support is granted) Camera, sounds, OSP's design and produciton of posters might overload the budget of Bovenlokale Projecten, could be part of Culturele Activiteiten.

Justin: I consider applying for a BMB con performance plus Joost plus perhaps someone from Flanders. Also perhaps a mini symposium with BNA BBOT and Soundtrack City - maybe promoting the app.

a location is needed. in flanders or in brussels - even if it's online also we need a website url - can be a news page.

Caveat reading rooms -> the SOFAM one

Do a test application with Katrien on Wednesday. Reading Room. Deadline for list of activities: this Friday.

Julie: As an activity, co-write a resolution as a public event within the Bruge Triennale? May-September 2021.

Proposal Julie for modifications statutes & huishoudelijk reglement/code

Working version of Statuten to be shared with the (new members) of the Board. can stay until 2024 because board member change does not oblige us to change them (Julie has checked) Working version of Code Internal Rules isn't complete yet. We need it to comply with all the rules of the VG. Need to clarify: -relation between board and daily operation -collective artistic direction (artistic function, administrative function, coordination - 1% inscribed - retreat - mode of operations : monthly meeting Ronny: I see this document as an opportunity to have a specific profile. So it's interesting to include certain details as a tool for communicating to adminstration why Jubilee. Eleni: Can this be adapted every year or is it forever? Ronny: It can be updated anytime. Statuten are a legal document, Code isn't - but need to specify a decision making process. Renewal of the vows could be first or last agenda point of the Retraite.

1% If everybody agrees with Ronny's calculations, Jesse will make the invoices.

we need to settle accounts in the last year Program forenxt year to share with the Board : important to foresee wages

Casting Call/ ELENI

VAF Post-production Narrator has an important role: connecting various materials. "Desktop documentary". Need one more day of shooting. Thinking of Philippine. it becomes a film essay Using Fragile (2016) about Zinneke Parade, using to reflect. Project collaborators (horizontal) are mentioned as such. Deadline : DEC 10 Jesse writes to Rebecca, Eleni & Ronny to schedule a meeting around 20/11.
Edit : 25 days minimum Proposes to work with Simon Arazi (editor Vincent worked with) Rebecca will be for sure paid if we get VAF We have to make sure there is a fee for her But in case I don't get the funding, she proposes that I offer her back time rather than money, this I ahve to see.Because I believe she deserves to be paid.

JUSTIN project ideas

-Interdisciplinary research group, between Conservatorium, KABK (mostly Design Department). Justin proposed a research investigating different (artist) representations of 'the city'. Would be 1 day/week employment during a year (February 21-February 22). Centraal museum den haag : Constant -new babylon + cobra museum (hilde de bruyn) Jorn & Constant -the dispute about technology Dec 5 : answer about funding Project could also be introduced at Stroom if not supported by Conservatorium & KABK.

-Q-O2 open call for residencies. No money but travel & accomodation costs. Justin applied for a workshop residency with BMB con, in collaboration with Laetitia Gendre.

VH 7 Walks

Invitation by Skal to do a workshop at Laeso island, 22-27 June 2021.
re-enter the research on Jorn would be double people from Livorno : anti-capitalism symposium Setting up mutual exchanges with people worked with before. Bring people from Laeso, Denmark, Brussels (and possible 4th partner) together in Jorn's former studio as a summer school. Might lead to a Creative Europe project : artist-run organizations.
Per Kirkeby studio is over there Saartje on our board, she arranged such a project, Scott brilliant organizer + 2 young curators An & Sara, Dieter arriving on board Pre-summer school : scouting the possibilities of that Activating the local assets : it has to have a local sense Probably preparatory meetings online. ronny : Jorn, seaweed, ...methodology can unify this, not content italian work on AIR Justin : we need FIRE AND EARTH! WATER + AIR + FIRE+EARTH

one of the artist future resident to a.pass (arriving on may, for one year)

VM Juste Un Mouvement - Ronny postponed the letter and then VAF technical dossier can be sent in

Ultramarine all completed? -> Jesse asks -> 10% promo -> posters are at Cinematek -> FR synopsis is missing for VAF

JUM taking a lot of time, also with more interest of festivals. Vincent considers extending sabbatical.


-Ronny: concerned that 1 year extension of structural funding has not been communicated yet. Will discuss with Robert Michel
-Dates upcoming artist meetings 7 Dec 16 December Board Meeting January 11 Artist Meeting January 25 (10-13h) Retraite February 8 Artist Meeting February 22 (10-13h) Retraite March 15 Artist meeting March 29 Retraite (10-13h) + Board meeting + General Assembly

Retraite: discussing 2-3 topics intensively. Structural application needs to be discussed, we can discuss it in separate parts. Collecitvely write in English. Once we agree on a final narrative, translate to Dutch.

SOS RELIEF fund - SOTA Recurring donation is a bit labour intensive, propose to do the same thing as a couple of months ago: €1600 at once. -> Jesse contacts Philippine

Proximus buildings at North Station have been underused during lockdown. Have announced to continue prioritizing distance working. Katleen proposes to contact their CEO to negotiate to have temporary occupation. Belfius Tower could equally be an opportunity.

Jesse is wroking with Aernoudt, Rob & Ben on 'advertisement' for real estate owners, to be distributed through all of our channels. Will not be difficult to modify this into a template letter.

-workshop UAntwerpen/academie ->800 eur one week + publication !!!

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