Jubilee artist meeting 5 October 2020

Present: Justin, Eleni, Vincent, Ronny, Katleen, Julie, Jesse Excused: Jasper

Agenda: -JUM (VAF-TYAGN-filmlab award, distribution), MHKA -7 Walks -Casting Call VAF -Caveat -Internships -Nina, communication -Press overviews -Catalogues -SDworx short term contracts -Drifting Studio Practice, publication by Lonnie van Brummelen en Siebren de Haan that Jubilee helps producing (final NL text edit, coordination EN translation, Belgian presentation) -curated programmes -open studios Level Five & Hacktiris: 6&7 Nov -SOS Relief Run & Walk (initiative by Jesse) -Roundtable 12 oct: La rémunération dans l’écosystème des Arts plastiques -Varia: Planning next meetings Expense notes Send book A Modest Proposal to VGC


7 walks R & K two so entusiastic storytellers walk on saturday for regular audience, part of festival Alles es Just, about local Schaerbeek culture. Poly-public ! meeting unexpected people , for example : - a guy working for Prime Minister De Croo - cabinet - a guy printing Le Moniteur + prof art history XIX century history form Nijmegen invited by R & K Challenge : what is different than a regular guided tour Grant application for Heritage (show + symposim in Schaerbeek) : is there a chance to get that grant. lady intruiged , participated and very enthousiastic + drink at Kriekelaar R+K in competition alos with the Festival (director of the festival) / Bicentiennal of mascotte of the festival worst cae : take tout their project, best acse they find a solution.

Posts of image on Jubilee website How to write that ? how far this can go ? Discussion with designer Salomé S. Jesse : audio formats ? R : Not clear at this stage . First, we wanted to do a symposium in Spa, now the idea is to do one in Schaerbeek. Depends on Heritage funding. Walking in Brussel is premilinary of Spa (so many links) but it also became something itself. Takes place in / about Maalbeek valley, but Zenne not yet touched. R : what's the goal of this program ? not yet clear R+ K in touch with a scholar working on "disinterestness" -> kantian concept in value formation -> Walking with mixed audience better than just with colleagues Open call for home residency projects, about 'pollution' - could be interpreted broadly:
https://sonicacts.com/portal/news/open-call-overexposed--sonic-acts-home-based-residency Could also be interesting for others (Justin?)

NEWS in october for Culture call FWB , sent in by Museum of Spa three grants : Confirmed VG Project Applied for Project with French community Applying for Project with VG Heritage

Usually we include 80% of own contribution fee and ask for 20% fee 60 days of employment - 3 months possible (VG decreet) Problem Spa : public : tourist, elderly people, kids Looking for organisations to collaborate with in order to interest more people. CIAP : friends of CIAP (Circle : Maastricht-Achen-Brussel) : jan van eyck for example Ex : lecture to prepare + meeting these groups to prepare for Spa To build the public is a work in itself Eleni : contatct in Maastricht Jesse : Any contact at Marres ? smart but not a "friendly guy" / Limburg Biennale

JUM VAF + TYGN : -> meeting -> follow up with Ychai IFFR Award meant grant for next film through VAF Filmlab. Vincent asked to postpone this. Inneke was to sent email to Jesse Ychai : ->server R+K & EK :c omplete -> with V : in discussion -> with justin : to be checked -> back up drive proposal

Distribution : -> CBA will do documentary festivals -> Jub : Museum + more expemrimental festivasl Museum version of this film has nothing to do with other producers, will be done by Jubilee.

MHKA Robrecht Vanderbeeken wrote something about it on FB. BDB would like to discuss it later. People have been given the time to react, echo in the press still needs to happen. Still send press release. MHKA proposed to buy the video in the installation, The Intruder (2005). MHKA's policy/behaviour is 'confused' between ambiguous artistic programming and hidden political agenda/expression by president of their Board. How to spin a bad yarn (2020) is a poetic essay that points this out. Katleen: do the other members of the Internationale museum network know about this? Vincent: not sure, I don't think so. They could be a channel. These are old issues, that could be actualized: -Luk Lambrecht being fired. Text by Rudi Laermans attacking NVA. Populism -Antwerp as part of the network in the Eurozone (+ cultural war against Brussels)
-Agonism (Chantal Mouffe) adversary (when in dialogue) <-/-> enemy (when not in dialogue)
Katleen: Internationale promote inclusivity, published our letter about the Flemish cultural policy.

Vincent: I still don't know how Herman De Bode was put in position as president of the board. Perhaps BDB, perhaps politics. Julie: At a certain point, the museum changed their statuten. Now 'MHKA', and member of the board nominated by minister of culture. Shared along the lines of the election outcome. Ronny: Combined with how this goes practice. Same with Johan Swinnen. R&K: The inclusion of your piece in the show and not talking about it anymore, is a way to neutralize it.
VM: What happened with the wall label: I sent them a wall text, they didn't finally possible. Ronny: If this could be in the international press, that would be something. Talk to Andrea Phillips personally.

Vincent about sale: It's up to me whether to let them pay for the new work or impose the new piece with the existing one so that they can't refuse it.


Eleni wants to apply for postproduction VAF R : one of tyour dossier had a "apply again" VAF encouraged to re-introduce : less money, easier dossier Eleni: I need some training in VAF budgetting.
75 .000 invested already. Could we apply for around 20-25.000 ?
Thinking about 50-55 minutes. A month for an editor. Including mixing and colourgrading, excluding my fee, is already around 19.000.
R : Depending on what you sent as information in the developt dossier : important ! E met Rebecca and Jesse Writing why this film important for her Application 10 December E wants to be ready 15 november, to go through the dossier with Ronny & Jesse 2 Objections by VAF : -> Too much material sent last time (too much about theory) -> Fear it was going to be too performative (and not enough "cinematic") J : presenting a more simple narrative It is going to be changed quite a lot E send aroundg Nov 10. Oct 16 : discussion with Rebecca Jane Arthur (coaching) : entousiast and pragmatic (fee not discussed yet) and then with Jesse and Ronny Meeting the four of us Ronny, Jesse, Rebecca and me around 15-20 November.

R: if you want to stand a chance : communicating very clearly about what IT IS R: When we'll discuss Vincent's technical dossier we'll have insights into VAF technicalities E : With Ronny & Jesse: little workshop about VAF budgetting: above and below the line, etc

JUSTIN Many things have been postponed. Last weekend opening Amsterdam, soundwalk using Echoes app. -> might be chosen for collaboration with Soundtrack city and Brussels organisations Jubilee, BNA BBOT, Overtoon, Q-O2 Lecture / perfomance on saturday Grey Space in the Middle The Hague (with Goethe Inst) -> theme evening about "Europe" Listening in the time of corona Using Radio Aporee online sound archive = a sound map (google earth connection of the sounds) using satelitte imagery + writing. Every 3 days they change the program (changes by the organization !-> very confusing) Wolf lake shown in Berlin -> he might go UK trip not taking place he teaches and very problematic : new space , going fine but organizational issue at the Conversatory Total Chaos ! BNB.con going on : planning things spring recording and photo done during spring -> published ? Physical component: not yet clear what it will be. R : how is your duo practice evoving ? identuty -> what can be announced ? BNB.con received subisdy for the first time Opportunity to concentrate on that and develop for 4 years (subsidy) Because of corona situation, it has been going on as before but lots of stuff are done outside.

CAVEAT Julie: I was writing a draft for a contract between Jubilee and Agency and I realised it's not really a collective research anymore. There's me running around with on the one hand projects of V&H and Agency, and people approaching me/Caveat about contracts that deal differently with things. What are our ambitions, will, and need to continue with the project? How do we see 7 walks as part of Caveat ? How to communicate about it ? Reconnect with former researchers ? R: in terms of 7 walks ... In theory all Jubilee projects could be related to Caveat. Relationship with organiser/producer, what are the issues with the (contractual) form of relation and how can it be improved? What we need: practice specific situations to go further from the point where we left off. Starting point for redeesigning the sequels of Caveat ? Former partners: were brought together through opportunity of Innoviris, stones on the game board to make this call a reality. Other conditions today to redefine To have them (former partners) only if there is a strong interest to go further Efforts to make things real by ond person : to keep the focus , who takes things into hand
R did this for Innovris, now it would be more Julie's role
-to keep focus -to set a line Publicness lacking Workshop potential St Louis caveat does not have to become responsive , reduced let's define and than questions if intersting can be responded J : i can put effrots in Caveat -> innovative agreements : insitutiosn are interested -> co-writing wworkshop very valid

R : part-time contract of Julie, only possible from different projetcs ( -> Cooperative with Kobe -> 7 walks / resolution -> reading rooms of beurs 5 days did not take so much budget in fact Triennale fo bruges : it would be a budget from them If we want to open up to a wider conception of the ecology maybe Jesse'as activities connected with your work about "conditions in the field" Jesse: No by that I refered to the strands that Julie mentions in ther reflection. Julie: conclusion to make from the research from the 1st phase. Can the contract be a place for commoning ? Property, access to audience: maybe a good second part of research phase on those aspect. Would also be a focus for new reading rooms Let's zoom in on the map of the concepts : to come to a common understanding of what it could be Gijs will send a estimate for "mapping" tool. (not sure that i understood correctly)

reading room

Ronny: with 7 Walks, we're getting close thematically to Caveat themes. For me, thinking of Caveat from the perspecitve of our own practice, 7 Walk is now the natural way of approaching Caveat. Resolution : to go beyond politics (about the value of the art and the access to culture ) because you have to re-discuss the value of art to put tax money into or not Questions of how Caveat could be an angle here were part of the walks. Article : participate into culture is human right

Walking is important and breaks in the walk. Prepation is needed: a dialogue with Julie Katleen : borders can be fluid because discussing is part of the preparation of the walks of course

Julie: Caveat was a collective project to create a collective reflection on contracts - what can be the focus of our reflection today? Two projects : Agency + 7 walks, both deal with novel modes of understanding property. This could be focus of Jubilee-driven chapter of Caveat. 1st chapter: Jubilee 2nd chapter: with partners 3rd chapter: could be Jubilee again.

If Ecology of practice is the focus of Caveat R+K : if our question becomes the caveat questions : it is the goal : the perspective ont he question will be different. Julie could lead an autonomous role for Caveat. Vincent: Julie is also speaking about the collective dimension of the quattro structure, while feeling a bit alone in Caveat. There are parallels between R&K's pracitce and Caveat, which is no coincidence. Agency was invited by us. If I continue working on Wiertz and the creation of an artists' instition. I think this could be a valid trajectory for Caveat. It would be interesting to know what elements Justin and Eleni's practices have that could be informing Caveat. Raphael Pirenne (teacher at La Cambre & ERG) visited me. He wants to bring together institutions to start a cooperative model to collectively deal with archives. Instead of people coming to us, we could reach out to specific people. Also helpful when looking for funding.
Eleni: I like what Ronny said that Julie could be the one who is taking care that the project is going. I also agree that maybe Julie could have some help. Individual / Collective as one main issue of the new work. Caveat as hosting space? When I enter things collective, i have to invest time to really initiate things. Listening or taking initiatives is different (because bearing responsability) -> focus It is not specific in the beginning it is impossible to have 5 people what is the vision that w ewant to devlop ; how to take into account what we have and where do we go ? It is Julie who could take this positon. Nobody of the former partners have taken position or recontacted Caveat !

Julie : in a innoviris phase of the project we were more than one to make decisions. This made the project, gave it value. I want to assume the reponsability for a live of Caveat but collective gives its value -> common perspecives

we need this : collective research dimension My own legal research shouldn't be a part of it but can inform my role within the programme but I'm not going to curate the project. Choosing is a collective discussion

Reconfiguration of what it is vs what is has been Eleni: what could eb done raise Questions + propose with who to investigate these questions? If i was Julie I would use Jubilee as a mirror but I would make the final decision

INTERNSHIPS Jesse wrote a note, quattro should discuss it. Specific trajectories: Eleni has an idea. Vincent will think about it. DL Thursday. LUCA may be possiblity.

NINA/COMMUNICATION Waiting for confirmation Totally willing to continue working for J She is looking part for becoming a part of the J. team 3D photography - she is going to drop that

-> Initiatives :

Press overview Catalogues of the different books Films

Budget scheduled Instead of Focusing it on the last week of the month we could spread it and already put it on the website more continuous 1/2 day a week wordpress-for the website mailchimp - newsletter Justin: good to spread the news. Vincent: share the template again that shows how to inform about news. -> Jesse

Nina & mother are considering to buy the Mechelen property. They'd like to keep it and set up a project. Have no real partners in setting this up. Triodos good loan for Enough room for space, worth investigating put them in touch

-> Press overview for R& R is online - but is now split up per language. good to have both (per langage and one united one, chronology or bookmarks per project) can be done for everyone

-> Book Catalogue if we use as distribution tools -> problem if we are not official distributors a proposal will come by Jesse & Nina

SD WORK SHORT TERM CONTRACTS Before : smart & amplo Now SD propsoes something new

When there's a substantial budget for artists/collaborators it makes a lot of sense because they ask a fixed fee rather than a percentage - as long as it's more than one working day.
Because Jubilee is then direct employer, the government benefits also stay within Jubilee. So a higher rate will be reserved for the artists.
Ronny: You can still work with Smart or Amplo, but if you want to work like this I'm happy to explain. Short term contract don't apply to the rule of needing a fixed contract after

third limited contract become inderrminate contract does not apply in culture short terms contracts are possible ! the total amount money : a lower percentage goes to overhead costs, a larger part got to the eprsoned employed It's a bit of work for Ronny, so if it's only 1 day of working it's not worth it. But for people we're regularly working it would make a lot of different.

Katleen: new government's program proposal includes work on Kunstenaarsstatuut. Vincent: I continue receiving all the news around this. MR has already proposed something, PS will propose something soon. It'll have huge repercussions for all artists. A list exists of conditions and principles, as proposed by the different federations.

ROUNDTABLE: La rémunération dans l’écosystème des Arts plastiques 12/10.

Artists from abroad are more intrested than flemish artist about production conditions Subjects are not part of curricula how to be an artist in real life Nothing ! still romantic notion of what is an artist ERG made it part of the curriculum

KASK - R& K : guest teachers on these matters

PUBLICATION Sibrien & Lonnie Belgian presentation @ Cinematek Vincent can help with contacting Celine

-open studios Level Five & Hacktiris: 6&7 Nov -SOS Relief Run & Walk (initiative by Jesse) -Roundtable 12 oct: La rémunération dans l’écosystème des Arts plastiques