Meeting Brussels artists cooperations


Hakim Trabelsi, Rob, Fabienne Audureau (management & communication Pont des Arts(, Jesse

Rob: Introduces Level Five, Permanent, and the 6th floor. Jesse: Introduces Brussels artist network, Level Five's research into the need for working space in Brussels.
Hakim: Dynamocoop. Hakim is part of different cooperatives Newbee, Medor, Beescoop Fabienne: Dynamocoop is part of the Comptoir des ressources creatives, they bought 2 buildings for artists in Liege. https://www.comptoirdesressourcescreatives.be/ Network of cooperative groups sharing resources in another umbrella cooperative.

Hakim & Fabienne: We're looking for an inclusive place, not just for the white male artist. Firstly studio, secondly perhaps also presentation, depending on the place we'll find. Both are more oriented towards performing arts, Level 5 & 6 more towards visual artists, performance, sound, audiovisual, and also some theatre & dancers.

Fabienne: Is there a lot of demand? Rob: 150 people on the wairing list. Developing an allocation policy. Lottery.

Hakim: Lottery isn't the best way, you can go look for people with a certain background. There are so many artists that one hardly ever sees in the city.

Creating a cooperative is a good way of engaging people: they feel like its their place also. Empowering. Rob: engagement comes with a concrete project

Hakim and Fabinne visit Level 5 & 6: Thursday 5/11, 16h

From Jesse van Winden to Everyone:  05:36 PM

https://ethertoff.caveat.be/w/external_meetings::meetup_brussels_artist_cooperations.md From Me to Everyone: 05:39 PM Level Five - https://www.levelfivebxl.org/ Permanent - https://permanentbrussels.org/en From hakim to Everyone: 05:40 PM http://www.reseaudesartsabruxelles.be/fr/ From Jesse van Winden to Everyone: 05:44 PM VGC = COCON Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie From hakim to Everyone: 05:54 PM dynamocoop From Jesse van Winden to Everyone: 06:01 PM hectolitre From hakim to Everyone: 06:07 PM cine maximimlien ? From Me to Everyone: 06:07 PM https://cinemaximiliaan.org/ From Jesse van Winden to Everyone: 06:20 PM globe aroma jubilee-art.org From Me to Everyone: 06:45 PM https://www.comptoirdesressourcescreatives.be/ From Jesse van Winden to Everyone: 06:49 PM https://ethertoff.caveat.be/w/external_meetings::meetup_brussels_artist_cooperations.md 3, Rue Paul Devaux, 1000 Bruxelles From Me to Everyone: 06:49 PM Rob 0498207682 From hakim to Everyone: 06:50 PM 0474781618 hakim