Brussels artist-run night 15 December: Spaces for Spaces 1

People present:
Hectolitre Mladen & Philippe
Jubilee Jesse & Jeanne
PAF Dries
SIC Susanne
a-C Sophie & Andre
L5 Rob
Meyboom aRzu François Dorian Marilyne Jesse
Gilbard Colin Roustan
Fabienne Audureau
Oélia Gouret
Sonia Dermience
Flor Maesen
Sadrie Alves
Lore Selys
Sophia Bulgakova
Maria Francesca de Tullio (L'Asilo, come in later)
Kim Laugs
Koi Persyns
Roel Kerkhofs
Katrien Vandemeerssche
Marie & Jozef Decoratelier
Katrien Reist

Fragemented notes - please add

Mladen Hectolitre

[7 minutes]
Video edit room
Audio cave
All income is invested in equipment (and a bit in rent)
'Serious apéro': 30 min presentation + talk + drinks
A manual with guidelines for building and community
Residence of reflection 3-6 months
Short residnecies 3-5 days
"Proto-cultural" (<-> protocoltural)
So far no subsidies.

Let's see how far we can go without subsidies

@Mladen, you wrote your text on computer right? Maybe copy-paste?

Marie & Jozef Decoratelier


Work with what's there

(about context as well as material)

Residency program (5 artists in 2021)

Which space would you be if you were a space?

No more open calls (because they're too much work) but trust on the network that has been built up - also thanks to events. Keep your eyes open to who comes. Events are the moments to bring together the people and forces in the organistion

aRzu Dorian Marilyne Meyboom

[51] Holocracy Online floor plan as a tool to get to know each other's work Ground floor for public presentations -> "Work with what you have"

Marilyne Zonneklopper

Club Bisou. In case of conflicts. Members moderate. If the conclusion is that a decision should be taken, this is forwarded to the weekly assembly. Very large community with intricate organisational structure. Smartphone app (Slack-like open source) to communicate.

Artist Commons have confidence person. Voluntary.

1h25 Dries intervention meta

Colin Gilbard


Credit system. Either help or bring in material. + neighbourhood operation/dynamic

Open collective. Many advantages but also frustration because new members have same advantages as people have been involved for a long time. Short-term residencies?
-> Do a session on this tension?

Fabienne Les Polymporphistes


Currently searching for a space.
-> We could also dedicate a session to that

Jozef: How about institutions giving space?

Flor: Els Dietvorst will work at Bozar & Centrale at the same time, opening up as "spaces for [???]#

Dries: residents choose next residents
(Cool idea - as long as there are some rules that make sure it doesn't remain in the same circles)

Recently one-off Broedplekken funding/mechanism by Flemish Community for matchmaking between space owners and users. Weird!
Better: Plan Atelier (VGC),

Jozef: productive connections between institutions & artists
-> session on that?