Online participatory event with Eleni Kamma, Philippine Hoegen, Gosie Vervloessem and Samah Hijawi

3 March 2021, 19-21h

REC"I"PE + Bring your favourite beverage + Etherpad => ?

Reflective listening Encouragement Compromise and cooperation "I" Messages Practice Engagement

The acronym of REC"I"PE by Matthew Kaplan, Professor of Intergenerational Programs and Aging (Pennsylvania State University) emphasizes the characteristics of effective communication.

HI im drinking beeeeeer... glukukukuk Heelo, I am mara and I am drinking mint water i m drinking water euhehehhehhemmm i 'm gosie hey it's Jeanne and I have green tea (but wished I had natural wine) Hi! water!!! magda here


Ciao I am Ceci, drinking nothing cause i am not well prepared I am eating salmon, is that still ok? i can describe that Hi Ceci, is it you? CIL? YES! Hi Saskia! CIao Cara. Bon apetito.Grazie

olá from Mara & aRzu drinking ginger beer hihih

hi! I am joan and I am drinking kombuuucha that's actually a lie because I didn't open it yet

ok now I did

Hoi! I'm drinking water! Jesse here



hmmmm I am having a beer (samah) yummy I am hanging out with Cstikker, in her kitchen. The first beer, refreshing, relaxing, welcome

Hello, first beer of the day. O BTW My name is Saskia hi saskia!Hi! Is this CS? Hi Lulu

Hello! I'm Kristien. I'm having a Grisette beer.

Ginger beer! I'm Anita btw, You can also add your name next to your colour in the top right corner :) nothing yet

heyyyyy,,, how's going... where am i?it's lulu.. i'm drinking JACK's precious IPA...

Hallo, I am Doina, I am going to make a green tea I also have rosehip tea here... with a slice of bergamot


courage to speak the mind in common view....nice jjjjj training in listening

On the pad, the "I" and the "we" are simultaneously in common view.

· Can we consider the Etherpad and similar tools as exercising surfaces, trial surfaces, where parrhesiastic practices may take place in this space between “I’ and “we”?

· Can we consider our recent experiences of combined physical confinement and increased online presence as an opportunity to re-evaluate how we perceive relations between “I” and “we”?

We're folloowing hooyim with you here:) nope not familiar hiYes yup i did not get the word?I Ching can u repeat the word? I Ching I Ching the Book of Changes good title NO YES! yes hexa - i i can undertand better if i can write ok, hexa

aaa yes ok! oyesh rings a bell..

ohh yes


Hexagram 27 The Corners of The Mouth

The Image At the foot of the mountain, thunder: The image of Providing Nourishment. Thus, the superior man is careful of his words and temperate in eating and drinking.

The Judgement The Corners of the Mouth. Perseverance brings good fortune. Pay heed to the providing of nourishment and to what a man seeks to fill his own mouth with.

"Perseverance brings good fortune" i once had this in a fortune cookie !!


This hexagram is a picture of an open mouth; above and below are firm lines of the lips, and between them the opening. Starting with the mouth, through which we take food for nourishment, the thought leads to nourishment itself. Nourishment of oneself, specifically of the body, is represented in the three lower lines, while the three upper lines represent nourishment and care of others, in a higher, spiritual sense.

but i can.. :)read! hahahaha great LOVE IT! so beautiful English

乾 (qián)2

坤 (kūn)3

乾坤 means heaven and earth, men and women.. respectively.. (quite a mouth full if it's a corner of the mounth.. isn't it).
I never knew 屯 is pronaunced zhūn... why is not the same-old "tun", the stock, the village.. the corner of the heaven n earth..

屯 (zhūn)4

蒙 (méng)5

需 (xū)6

訟 (sòng)7

師 (shī)8

比 (bǐ)

can we share an image?

Line 1 (bottom line)

You let your magic tortoise go, and look at me with the corners of your mouth drooping. Misfortune I wish I had a magic tortiseOracle turtle shell featuring the ancient form () of zhēn (貞) "to divine"The magic turtle is a flying one

Line 2

Turning to the summit for nourishment, deviating from the path to seek nourishment from the hill. Continuing to do this brings misfortune. dont deviate from the path, is what you are telling us, right? I don't really know what this line is saying. Line 3

Turning away from nourishment. Perseverance brings misfortune to Mars and back again. (Did Perseverance disturb nourishment at Mars? Because we do not understand what nourishment on Mars is. Should we have nourished people on earth instead.)Do not act thus for ten years لا تترك المكان الذي انت تسكنه لتفادي الحظ السئ. Nothing serves to further.Nothing serves to further...Nothing further serves to....

So many things bring misfortune apparently And so many things bring good fortune 'Your internet connection is unstable' Unstable Internet Connection brings misfortune. Or fortune.:)

Line 4

Turning to the summit for provision of nourishment brings good fortune. Spying about with sharp eyes like once someone asked my to think myself as an animal and I choose a tiger but it was a little one, totally unarmed. now the word tiger makes me think of my vulnerabilities. with insatiable craving.ever insatiable No blame.No shame. I also wish I had sharp eyes like a tiger yes, sharp eyes, if only....laser sharp. Line 5 I choose to me in the 5th line now.

Turning away from the etherpad. To remain persevering brings good fortune. One should not cross the great water, one should swim in it. Because that is where the fish is. and where the fish is, is happiness for there is silence and cold. Fish is thus happy.

Line 6 (top line)as we play, write, the words that we spoked vibrate in the body. their shapes COLORS not so much the meanings. that is lost or seams unimportant as the EVENT that hapen took the first place.

The source of nourishment. Awareness of danger brings good fortune. yet sometimes unawareness of danger also ironically brings good fortune i agree It furthers (stranger thing: to go further towards crossing) one to cross the great water.(water_emotions) I feel my saliva gethering at the back of my throat.


I have a hungry belly...! belly noises water entering the hungry belly my roommate is already cooking something and it smells super nice but it's propably for her only. I don't know when I'll be able to enter the kitchen then maybe you can ask for a bite?I definitely will..!!i have kitchen problems too:( oh what kind? no oven avaiable. no bread. maybe our persevering in the kitchen will bring us good fortune..i hope so! I have been taught how to prepare bread in a pan rather than with an oven, I should find the recipe's crissspy I wish I had managed to prepare the soup beforehand Me too :) diTo but now it starts to smell very tasty cuminnnnnnyyyy It will be a late night soup I guessyes it is.... you can peel the pomogranate with me during the performance, and cook it while listening :) oh great, gonna do that! (half of the seeds are alreadyreadyalready)

if i close my eyes and listen to the sound, can I have two pomogranates? pealed? on the jewish new year you eat pomegranates because it represents ....abundance....because of all the seeds.....a ritual to bring good fortune or something....if abundance is good fortuneindeed, if abundance is good fortune :)

this sounds are scary

what is the sound.... ohhhhhreally seems a hangry belly

belly noises

Water enters the hungry belly... the water was already there. Hunger merely made us aware of it I feel my belly expanding

Are we all in one belly?

i'm StArviNg I have some chickpea chips that are staving off my starving, sad that these cannot be shared via etherpad one day hopefully (or not?) we'll transfer food over Pads maybe the magic tortoise can make it a reality

I think I robbed somebody of their colour, this is Doina

boiling rice.

colors are a bigger excitment in pandemia (then before)

a typo

why cant i get a different color?.... feel very pink. You can, click on the colour on the right top corner. Next to your name. Yes.

Oh no! now I lost all the pinks... hahaha