The Corners of The Mouth

Meeting 15/02/2021

Proposals for contributions/recipes. How to find cohesion? Order? Rehearsal/test/run-through?

Eleni: Work together on text that she writes in the pad. Philippine has good experiences with this format, participating people reading out loud certain words. The artist in that case didn't speak but wrote.
Question: hosting - Eleni things she should open the event but not necessarily closing it. Prefers typing over speaking.

Philippine: Problematising the phenomenon of the 'To do list'. Quantifying our time, our selves.

Gosie, per mail: i have some ideas, but i want to see what fits best in our program : - let's talk about sauce - there is a big confusion between the stomach, the cave and the oven, let's dive into that mess. - a workshop in eating the world or eating eachother ---ooo i want to eat you, badly. More ideas: -Divination of the future -Make a recipe with maizena -Codigesting -Cursing -Bake a pistolet

Samah: So my proposal is stands at re-presenitng a newer version of the performance “Holy cow and the Pomegranate” which involves sending a recipe to people before hand, so we would need to know how or when we communicate the event, and if people sign up or not, and how we send them the recipe.

I will speak for 20-25 mins. and its not interactive actually…. i engages the audience in the fact that they are eating while I talk about the history of the pomegranate and make links with mythology and astrology.

You can check out an easier version of the work here I will be developing it a little over the coming two weeks, so it will change...

I am thinking now how would I figure out the technical aspects. more soon when we talk….

2 hour event? 19-21h. 20-25 minutes each. Can vary per person. Tendency to a "DIY" approach: virtual gathering from wherever everyone is. Jubilee does logistics and technical support. Preference for Zoom. Preference for registring and sending them the Zoom link.
Philippine: this Friday send practical run-through, Tuesday 23rd 10h meeting to finalise info for Jubilee newsletter. Rehearsal Monday 1st, 9-12h

Brainstorm 05/02/2021


Gosie: -Self interview -Score by Lygia Clark "Baba Antropofágica ..." where everyone has a "bobine" of thread in their mouths, one person lies naked on the floor, the others stand around, take the thread out their mouths and dispose it on the naked body, who lies under a woven carpet of multicolored saliva threads that's stinky. Mouth, nourishment, care...strange feeling of care - caring spider web of a sort of collective mother spider. In a Brazil tradiotion, eating humans is considered
-Ventriloquist - find the voices of the humans living inside you -Gilles de la tourette -Non-violent communication (Rosenberg): normally we use violent communication - we need to unlearn this. In the corners of our mouth, there is the system, or maybe what came before learning the system -Gossip etymology: women getting together. Umberto Eco: gossip is the only way for women to communicate Eleni's dream: Early in the morning, sitting at Flagey, getting a coffee. Small black bag, homeless woman almost stepping on it, E tries to get it back, she takes out a bank note which is a 8 euro note, woman transforms into a bourgeois kind of woman who doesnt need the money and says to E "You don't come from here". E leaves and is surrounded by a crowd of people. Preconceptions, infinity, othering, strange mirroring Philippine about book Hartmuth Rosa (sociologist): theory of world where human impulse is to control things, especially in western context. Calculability. World as point of aggresssion. Personhood comes from a particular way of thinking: person as rational, disembodied. Rosa: "resonance", being taking be something that communicates. Well-being, being in a relationship with the world. Uncontrollability (German: ...). We need both being in control and being control-free. Harraway 'entanglement'. New materialist idea of agency of objects. Turnaround of paradigm of personhood 'vulnerable relational embodied'. If we embrace uncontrollability as centralk to our well-being, approached from point of view of '(unconrollable ) body and relationality. What dispositional circumstances could encorporate such a shift? Gosie: David Abraham: vibrations. Language has a body. Leveling. Spells. Philippine: Lecture performance Antonia Baehr. Fatigue of online evetns. She made a generous effort to translate from offline to online. P was shocked to realise that her students do it better. Workshop showing Samah's and Gosie's work and students take up elements in very apt ways. Online environment not as a ncessariy evil but as our medium;

Who do we want to address apart from ourselves?

Samah: about vibration and uncontrollability: no separation between who you are and what you eat. Relation to much bigger ecosystem Philippine: Samah: Telepathic scores by Oracle. Vibrating, connectivity. Eleni: When you stay related, you stay with yourself as well. Eleni: It becomes more interesting when people are engaged rather than consuming. The need of at least a nucleus. Philippine: Yes, but I also have an opposite reflex: it's nice to watch something. Generosity. We all draw and then share our drawing. Nice but pfff, it was already late. Shows Work with the medium.

Eleni: repetition and circularity remain concepts that seem relevant to us for the structure, where some elements come back. Jeanne van Heeswijk. Samah: I think we still have too little to build upon. Gosie: Repetition/spell/exorcisism/violence <-> uncontrollability, non-human entitities, vibrations. Eleni: Nourishment: one introduces things in the system, system takes what it wants and discards the rest. Samah: Mezze evenings where all share food. These metaphors also work well when thinking of food - uncontrollability, vulnerability, relationality. Giving recipes beforehand? As a score? Invite participating having prepared the dish(es)? Philippine: We all propose a recipe?
Samah: Allows us to all bring in our own practices. Gosie: This is a cook book, which is a (political) form in itself. Eleni: Take "recipes" literally? Philippine: Maybe. Could/should lead to solmething that's edible. Yoko Ono "Tuna fish sandwich". You can play with it - add what you think of what you're cutting. Recipes imply repetition. Samah: Invite people to eat each dish through a performance? Philippine: People receive for recipes. When Gosie's part comes, people eat Gosie's dish? Eleni: I could imagine preparing only one thing. People come together and each one prepares something? Covid restrictions, 1 visitor... Dishes could be easy. We can send them something. Gosie: Dark kitchen providing unusual dishes. Delivery of four dishes? Jesse: Not necessary that every participant is participating in the full way, it can be more open. Philippine: I wouldn't propose "you take 2 eggs, cut ...", but rather something like "prepare your favourite dish and while preparing think of ..." Eleni: Could I still use Etherpad?
All: Of course, we don't all have to do the same. Also, recipe in the broad sense. Including non-edibile elements, actions....score.

Idea: take some days to think, and propose a couple of ideas. Meet on the 15th at 15h, share through email before that time.

Samah: It's simple, but not that simple: what setting, all together or not? If yes, what kind of cameras/microphones? Budget??

Brainstorm 25/01/2021

Many points of interest: -How can we still work as artist during lockdown? How do we deal with experience? -Nourishment: through language, through food, … -Samah: The aesthetics of the political -Affective communication (<-> work, Philippine Kunsthal Gent) -Public time -> ghosts (Gosie: event about spectres of the past) -> reapparition and repetition as a motive (<-> work) -Jesse: workshop? Philippine: Participative performance? Playing! Etherpad. Repetition…Event of 4 cycles led by different people? Start the same way, but take different directions every time. The ghost could be called back every time. -Pomegranate in and out of the world -Digestion? Gosie: in through the mouth, out through the anus: it’s a linear notion, not so layered…On the other hand: food goes to the guts, to the head, different parts of the body. Transformation <-> affect. Digestion isn’t a metaphor for interiorizing the world but IS interiorizing the world. -Philippine: Alternating between on-line and offline. -Gosie: Philippine's 'scores for participation': everyone gets the same question in the morning, and during the workshop later, answers are shared (could have many different forms) -Sharing time online and offline -Philippine: it would be good to know who we are addressing. Do we have any people in mind? -Idea for communication: making a GIF out of 4 drawings, each one from each of the different artists To announce (online page: -online -evening -participative performance that offers/shares strategies of nourishing, affective communication Next meeting: 5 February, 10h