Tracks meeting 13 July 2022

Present: Justin, Caroline, Michiel H, Flavien, Aernoudt, Ludo, Jesse

Update about contact with Josh Echoes

-At the moment, not final yet.

Functionalities Visibility of zones/'echoes'. As a developer, one would be able to activate them. I was not in the brief, but we all would like them.

Michiel U made designs for this. Price offer: 1192 pounds / 1409,75€ The app should be a creative tool, and for that, the zones are very important. Are visible at the developer side only, but would be interesting to make it visible to user.

QR codes that give access to walk in app when read on the street. Price offer: 694 pounds / 820,78€

Michiel wants to find money for these 2 new fucntionalities. -> Michiel checks with Josh whether 2 new functionalities are feasible for the first public version?

-> Michiel contact Josh about open text fields Credits and km & time, don't seem to be working in developer end..

Presentation Q-O2's sound walking book will presented in December. Not an ideal moment to combine. Better to present Tracks publicly early october.

Retroplanning Jesse shares feedback PDF again Friday 15 (morning?): Michiel and Justin have zoom meeting with Josh - to see what last things are to be solved before we should start testing.
ASAP ('beginning June'): Josh gives us green light to test the version as it is.
When?: Josh gives us English in-app texts to translate Possible in the first version?: Zones visible & qr codes When?: We submit feedback to the 'final' test version (mid august?) When? We submit Dutch and French translations of in-app texts Half september last test End september in stores Early October public presentation