Tracks meeting 30 May 2022

Quick round to share news from each organisation

Jubilee had negative advice about structural funding from kunstendecreet. this could have consequences for its initiatign/coordinating role of Tracks. We will have more news soon.

Soundtrackcity also received a negative advice, but STC has recently been funded through project subsidies so further development is not dependent on this decision. - Q: Can we develop Tracks furhter as a research tool for artists? - A platform for experiment.

Julia: Q-O2 had a positive advice. We should wait for the definitive decisions before thinking about changing who co-ordinates tracks. Ludo isn't convinced by the interface of Tracks (iPhone). You don't see zones, only dots. Fonts are too big. No 'locate me' / 'direct me to start of walk'. Perhaps for second version.

Flavien: I also would have preferred to have zones, missed that 'decision'. Justin: Echoes expected the design from us in tiny detail, Michiel U had the impression just gave the look & feel.

It might be possible to include zones in the design (Josh and Michiel U would have to work on this). We should try and negotiate that this can be included in the current price offer.

Aernoudt: Overtoon received a positive advice. The budget is not known yet. We did 2 comissions with Tracks. Problems with a new walk not working on Android. It would be nice to be able to commission works on a group basis in the future.

Recap meeting Echoes 20 May

Calendar Early June: Michiel Uilen shares designs of pop up and description container in walking mode list view.

Mid June: Echoes processes all straightforward fixes, included in 2022_05_20 Tracks_Bugs_Comments.pdf and Test 2.0.0 app reaction Michiel Uilen oct 18 2021.pdf and shares test version.

Beginning July: Echoes processes 2 fixes that involve design by Michiel Uilen and shares test version.

Next steps app development & testing & presentation

in the summer we can test the most recent version of the app. Deadline end of August to report bugs, etc.

It would be nice to set a date for a public presentation - for walks led by artists, and / or a workshop? Q-O2 is also looking for a date for the launch of a book about audiowalks Q-O2 plans a (late) release of book by Elena Biserna, contributions by Justin and Flavien among others. Think of early October. -Public walks (aRzu, possibly See U project BNA-BBOT).. -Workshops (teach how to use app, interactive) -Roundtable about different approaches to audiowalks.

Backend: like Echoes, but with more functions.

the workshop(s) would be aimed at a general interested audience (rather than artists or organisations).

Jesse - if we have people coming with ideas for walks, or audiowalks that are already produced, we can see if any of the organisation would like to 'host' it.

Julia - I understood that we would do this more independently as each org. has a different approach to soundwalks.

Jesse - a proposal might result from a workshop.

Julia - we don't want to have as much as possible - curation implies choosing.

Overtoon - it's also a budget question. now we proposed a walk to 2 artists because we had some budget left.


Ludo received money for uploading but many people do this themselves. It is possible to redistribute part of the money that is budgeted for Ludo to cover future costs, etc.

Jesse - possibility of applying for VGC for funding. We don't know yet if we could do this (as some organisations already receive funding). One of the organisations would be the applicant. there is a call 15 october.

Ronny - that's really early - we should do the launch first.

Julia - do we actually NEED more money? Let's update the budget.

Ownership and future

Ronny: we need an agreement about how to keep the project going in the future. We will need a working meeting with 'zakelijke leidingen' of each partner. At that point we will also need to know what future maintenance will be needed. Perhaps a maintenance contract with Echoes.

we also need to discuss the ownership or licenceing between the organisations. (at the moment STC is the only one on the contract with Echoes.)

Julia: when do we know when it's finished? Justin: we need a good first version, but then we can take that as an opportunity to discover what else would be possible and interesting.

Budget for future upgrades: will need to be decided on basis of concrete needs. From existing budgets or from outside (like Visit Brussels was for example).
3 different budgets: -maintenance (collective) (€600/year?) -upgrades (PM) -commissions (per organisation)

Next meeting: early July.

-> Are there any differences in timeline of development between IOS and Android? IOS seems to be much faster atm.